Wednesday, August 3, 2011

breaking out

Today's post is brought to you from my local starbucks! As I'm typing, I'm also sipping a venti iced skinny vanilla latte (just in case you were wondering what my signature drink was!). This post is appropriately titled breaking out because I created an escape plan to get out of my house without the warden (Brody) noticing. It was a fail, he sees all, but I did manage to escape. Starbucks is where I like to come when I need to get stuff done (and when i want to look at the cutiepie that works here!). At home I can't focus because Brody jumps all over the laptop, I think he's jealous of the attention it receives.
Today's outfit is super simple and laid back. Just an oatmeal colored off the shoulder top that i have belted with a chocolate skinny brown belt. A pair of medium was straight leg jeans, brown loafers, and to add some color a royal blue scarf (pictured above!). Oh Oh and these awesome like Aztec inspired earrings (they're huge and fabulous!).
I've been doing a lot of thinking and analyzing lately. And the conclusion that I've come to is that I need a major life change! Seriously, I've spent so much time wasting my energy dating all the wrong people and trying to make things that will NEVER work out work and I'm exhausted. It's time that I focus on something that's more substantial...myself! So my life makeover includes my personal style, attitude, and habits. I need to get myself motivated and stoked on school if I'm going to transfer out by the spring. And if I'm going to be city living I need to reinvent! And in order to do both those things I need to I need to change a lot of bad habits that I've acquired over the years such as my laziness. The look part is easy, I live for that kind of thing. The attitude and habits, not so much, but it's definitely a necessary change. I encourage everyone who isn't happy with their life to do a life makeover because're the only one who can control your happiness!


  1. Hey, I was wondering what makeup you're wearing? I especially love whatever color is on your lips.